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* History of Religion
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History of Nations

Abraham's Legacy


Hadithic Islam

Mysticism Chapter 5 Islam (No. B7_5)

Religious History to the Birth of Islam

Arab Beliefs

Tribal Dispositions and Power

The Rise of Islam

The Arabs in Islam and Later Doctrines

Expansion and Syncretism

Early Conquests

Islam in China

The Abbasids

Overthrow of the Umayyads


Loss of Territory
Economic Resources

Islamic Anthropomorphic Puritanism

Decline of the Abbasids

Later Indo-Aryan Influence on Islamic Theology

The Emergence of Mystical Syncretism in Islam

Sufi Mysticism

The Rise of Sufism

The Sufi Orders

Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q1)

see also Purification and Circumcision (No. 251)

..and God made man in his image..