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* History of Religion
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History of Nations

Abraham's Legacy


Asian Religious Development in the Far East

Mysticism Chapter 8 East Asia - China and Japan (No. B7_8)

Origins of the Chinese

The Move from the West

Chinese Religion

Early Systems

Creation from Primordial Chaos and the First God


From Dualism to Singularist Tao

Taoist Pseudo-Monotheism

Mother Goddess Figures

The Taoist High Priest

The Taoist – Confucian Conflict

Syncretic Myths

The Kings of Heaven and Other Myths
Chinese Dragons
Indo-Aryan Time Myths

Prehistory and the Archaeological Record

Tracing the Bronze Age

The Chinese Dynasties

The Nexus

Isolating Early Chinese Occultists


and God said you shall have no other Gods before me..