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The Religion of Evolution

From the time that Darwin wrote the Origin of the Species the theory was seized on to explain the life systems on the planet.
The theory is taught as fact in most institutions of learning. It is in fact a blatantly discontinuous and incoherent theory that does not stand up to the rigours of philosophical examination. Most of the world's philosophers are too feeble to properly examine the theories and many incorrect assertions go unchallenged. It has become a world religion that persecutes its opponents as viciously as any religion before it has done.
The first religious tenet of the belief system of Evolution and its high priests is that of the extended age of the earth and its means of formation.  The actual structure of the earth proves within its geological record that the Evolutionary premise is wrong. However, the steady state system must be advanced for the system to have its extended time frame to enable the theory to claim a pseudo-plausible model.
This problem is discussed in the paper Creation versus Evolution (B9). The philosophical basis is also examined in the work Creation: From Anthropomorphic Theology to Theomorphic Anthropology (B5).
To establish the development of the human species an extended model is advanced that is based on a mathematical model that has been and is being continuously shown to be incorrect yet is not adjusted even when the scientists know that what they are saying is wrong. This model has become part of the catechism and the religious mantra of evolutionary dogma. 
This false paradigm has been examined in the work DNA Change Rates: Modern Science vs the Bible (No. 215). The History of Nations site under "Genetics" covers this and many important works. 
The structure of the human DNA system is perfectly in accord with the Bible narrative and has been shown to be so in the work Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and the works dealing with the Sons of Noah: being the Sons of Shem, The Descendents of Abraham; the Sons of Ham and the Sons of Japheth which are all listed on the History of Nations site under "Genealogy" and other links. 
Evolutionists deliberately mislabel and extend the time frames and Haplogroups so as to extend their systems outside of the biblical time frames and narrative.
Much of the problem came about by the idiocy of the Trinitarian religious system that confined science into absurd and illogical constraints and punished those who pointed out the absurdity of the errors of the Roman Catholic and Protestant systems. To declare men heretics when they said the earth was round, and when the Bible in fact indicates that to be the case, was the false system that hothoused the growth of the Religion of Evolution.
Evolutionists claim that they are not a religion but merely the product of science. Their system is termed a theory but is taught as fact and its claims of impiety are hurled at those who point out the errors and false assumptions within its dogma. It is every bit as false and every bit a false religious system as the Trinitarian and Islamic systems it opposes. 


and God said you shall have no other Gods before me..